Gossip girl here your one and only source into lives of Traditional Indian  Family. 

Well it is a truth universally acknowledge that when you go back to school after a long while. People say things like oh looked how you have changed. Plastics look so dull and not only that wants to recruit me. Well. Kyra could not have been more different instead of being polite.

  Just ignoring anyone and being with two guys whose name are  Kritik and Natik. Kritik old nemesis and  Natik 

old crush new best friend. It kinda raised more than few eyebrows. Word is out there Kyra is good girl gone bad. And as you know this bad girl don’t care. 
Not only that but having looked down upon because of taking commerce and giving then quick remarks. It was kinda fun day for Kyra. Even though she had a showdown with Plastics And I just wanted to grab popcorn . 
Because of Natasha saying, ” life is gone wasted due to taking commerce” . 

Kyra said with a smirk” Well you would know Lady Gaga.”  

This remark left Natasha sputtering and trying to make sense of situation. With Saying, ” Don’t even try” she took her exit. 

One would think feelings go away people change but looking at Sister Gupta acting like she is divine. Somethings never change. After all I had to wait 1 hour for 300rs cheque. It was a nuisance. 
But talking to  Lisa teacher and listening to Ed sheeran songs with the above mentioned unlikely Duo. Was quite fun.


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